Special Education Strategies and College Bound Success

College is a big investment….why not make sure your child attends the college that best fits their needs and where they can be most successful.

I believe in providing students and families with in-depth information about various colleges and their support programs, disability rights, and documentation requirements BEFORE college, so that together we can find the college that’s the best fit.

When I worked at Fordham University as the Director of Disability Services, I regularly spoke with college students and their parents who had no idea what their disability rights were and that special education laws K-12 vs. post-secondary varied greatly. For example, they had no idea that accommodations stated on their IEP or 504 Plan in high school, were not guaranteed to transfer to college. I realized that a LACK OF INFORMATION and much MISINFORMATION was out there regarding support in college for students with disabilities. I knew that somehow, someway, I needed to get the correct information to students and their families BEFORE they went off to college so that an informed decision could be made allowing students to attend the college that best fits their needs and where they can be most successful.

Having been a college disability services administrator, and having sat “on the other side of the desk,” I know what colleges are looking for in a student for admissions, as well as eligibility for disability accommodations.

On a more personal note, my sister was diagnosed with ADHD and LD when she was in first grade. Seeing the challenges she has faced over the years, and knowing that when it was time for her to transition to college there wasn’t much information available, pushes me to become more an more invested in my work. Knowing that she could have greatly benefited from the information and services I now provide inspires me to provide high quality services to families and students with special needs.