A Special Education College Counselor Focusing on University Disability Programs

CCB Educational Consulting offers a variety of services for your special needs student. Christina is a college advisor who has the knowledge you need to plan for your child’s education. Christina uses her vast knowledge base of various special needs university support programs, requirements for admission, and steps for success as she advises families making this important decision.

Christina will help you find the right college fit based not only on your child’s grades, interests, and talents, but also their support needs. She will guide college-bound students on how to obtain accommodations in college and for standardized tests (ACT, SAT).

Christina works with students with various disabilities including:
ADHD, LD, Chronic Illness, Psychological Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, and more.

Services Include:

  • College Counseling
  • ADD / ADHD Programs
  • Learning Disability SAT Preparation
  • Special Needs University Admissions
  • Educating Students and Families on Their Disability Rights
  • Editing Student College Essays
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluating Special Education Documentation